Autumn Group is one of the largest ceremony planning corporations in China. Our company provides all-directional design, planning and executing services for all kinds of ceremony events, such as practicing and opening ceremony, signing ceremony, ribbon-cuffing ceremony for unveiling, starting ceremony, completeness ceremony, brand promotion event, products promotion, new products launch, business meeting , culture activity, design and execution of exhibition, annual anniversary, closing ceremony, new year party, art performance and so on. Meanwhile, we have built up close business relations with numerous TV stations and performance corporations. We have different function divisions including customer service department, project department, design department, planning department, purchasing department, IT department, financial department, engineering department, business department, HR and administration department. We’re located in Shanghai and have branches in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Taizhou, Nantong, etc. High-quality expertise is the soul of a successful event, and after years’ development, we have already owned a large number of specialists in different divisions to serve our clients. Since the establishment of our company, we have provided our services for high-class clients in different industries, which including SINOPEC, Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd, Bank of China, Johnson Matthey, Atlas Copco, ZUIKO, RLELLO, OMRON,, Haler, ZwiIling and J.A Henckels International, Bayer(China), Longhua HospitaI, Songjiang Maternity & Child Health Hospital, Tongji University, Shanghai Tech University, BMW and so on. Our professional services in planning, creating and executing have been highly appraised by our clients.

Fate bringing us together from different places over the world, and Autumn Group would be your true friend.

  • With the spirit of “creating more value for clients” and our professional team, we’d like to have the chance to serve you.

  • We keep collecting and updating the information of industries and technology every second to make us walk beyond time.

  • We believe that “success is the sum of details”, and “thoughts create fortune”.We are determined to win the market by our professional service and promote our brand with our credit.

  • “Providing the best services to create the highest value” is our promise to the client. Look forward to the future, we will keep advancing and always be better to serve our clients.


We have 20 years professional experience of thousands events. Our abilities of innovation, high technique of production, speed of set-up and our unique creation had been highly trusted appraised by our clients from different industries.


We plan with the innovative ideas, we propose our clients the latest high-tech performance and equipment. We have weekly brainstorming, and regularly sending planning staff to other cities to learn fresh things and broadened their views.


The biggest ceremony planning company in Shanghai/Jiangsu/Zhejiang 
Leading agency in industry 
Own a production workshop over 3000sqm
Over 100 professional staffs


After over ten years developing, we own a professional workshop with warehouse which over 3000sqm for production.

Cost control
Cost control

We provide serial services to avoid communication barriers and double counting of costs.

Staff team
Staff team

We have the division of Customer Service Department, Project Department, Design Department, Planning Department, Procurement Department, Accounting Department, IT Department, Engineering Department, Business Department and Administration Department & Human Resources Department. That means we have a serial and integrated service system: from planning, production to final execution.

  • 1998-09-01

    The Establishment of Autumn

    The establishment of Autumn Group marked that Autumn’s mission has been launched. How to be a Autumn member has always been keep in our mind. We started our journey with high passion.

  • 1999-01-11

    Market exploration

    We laid down our own business theory after one year’s exploration in the proprieties industry. During the exploration, we also found the particular road for the company and then established the focal point of our work.

  • 2000-12-29

    The Establishment of Marketing Guidelines

    We find the problems in the work and ensure the quality during the execution. “To be the honesty person, to be steady worker”.

  • 2001-02-15

    The Establishment of the Project Department

    We formally registered project department at Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and we got the business permits procedure which issued by Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

  • 2002-11-22

    Office Location

    Based on the market position and investigation results, Autumn Group chose Shanghai Jiao Tong University Science Park as the site for the office, and Pudong as the site for the workshop.

  • 2004-01-10

    The Establishment of Design Department

    The main roles of design department is to utilize the creative thinking idea and mature skills to create a new visual experience for our clients. Meanwhile, the design department is also responsible for the transmission of company image and supervision of the material production.

  • 2005-12-25

    The changes of the development strategy

    With the struggles of all staff of Autumn Group, we shifted company’s development model from extensive way to intensive way at the end of this year.

  • 2006-03-15

    The Execution of the Ceremonial Projects on Major Municipal Projects

    The brand of Autumn Group has been spread gradually, and we become one of the three best event corporations in Shanghai. We participated in a number of municipal key project celebration events, and joined the events planning and organization. We received a lot of praise.

  • 2007-05-10

    The Attendance of Special Olympic Games

    In 2007, the Special Olympic Games was held in Shanghai. Our company accepted the a part of executing work. We work hard to contribute our strength to the Special Olympic Games.

  • 2008-04-28

    Olympic Torch Relay Activity

    Olympic Games are one of the greatest events in China and Autumn Group also attended. We provided the services to the athletes from all over the world with great Olympic passion. We made our contribution to our country’s glory.

  • 2010-07-01

    The Expansion of Chain Business

    There was no successful experience in expansion of chain business. However, Autumn had already went out of Shanghai and duplicated the successful business model in other cities, such as Suzhou, Nantong, Wuxi......

  • 2012-03-01

    New business model brought new vale

    With the establishment of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Taizhou Branch, we explored a new business model. Through calculating, we found out that service quality had been improved about 20%, efficiency had been improved about 15%. Through Franchise operation, we finally benefited our clients.

  • Event planners
  • Graphic Designer
  • Account Manager
  • Event performer
Event planners

Job Responsibilities:

Independent responsible for :
All kinds of annual meetings, celebrations, large meetings and other public relations activities.
Project planning proposal, customer communication.

Job Responsibilities:

1, 5 years experience in advertising or public relations company (excellent can be relaxed to 3 years)
2, Familiar with the annual meeting, celebration, conference and integrated line under the public relations activities, have the ability to independently write the overall planning activities and experience (with real cases and explain)
3 With printing, production materials, activities to build, AV / lighting and other related knowledge.
4, Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, can withstand strong work pressure.

Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. To comprehend the design director's intention, design and creative project plane and three-dimensional program, to ensure that the design work to complete high-speed high-quality;
2. Independent completion of KV design, responsible for the layout of various types of activities, graphic design, and on-site renderings and other promotional materials design;
3. Responsible for all kinds of public relations activities stage background, scenes and other projects design and posters, album design;
4. Responsible for contact with the manufacturer and the printing plant to ensure the accurate implementation of the design;
5. Responsible for summarizing the design of visual design and promotional materials such as project public relations activities, and archiving the archives;
6. Completed the company issued the visual design and other business

Job Responsibilities:

1. College degree or above, art design, advertising design and other related professional priority;
2. Good skills with photoshop, illustrator, 3DMAX and other software;
3. Have a solid art skills and strong ability to grasp the color;
4. Have a year or more relevant business experience
5. Has a profound artistic skills, solid professional skills, strong advertising concept, creative thinking agile;
6. Professional quality deep, innovative thinking, practical experience, strategy comprehend high, and have excellent creativity and execution;
7. Have a high sense of responsibility and team spirit, work seriously responsible for the initiative;
8. Able to withstand the pressure to adapt to overtime.

Account Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the overall co-ordination of the project and the case control.
2,Good customer communication skills, internal coordination capacity and project implementation capacity.
3,Have ability to complete the project quotes and cost control.
4, Responsible for creative planning and publicity conference organization;
5, Responsible for the planning and implementation of various promotional activities.
6, Responsible for communicating with various media, liaising and consolidating, and expanding the media; planning new interactive content or form to assist in interactive strategies and integration of communication programs;
7, Responsible for the cooperation of foreign propaganda team coordination and integration deployment.

Job Responsibilities:

1, 1.Bachelor degree or above, public relations, news communication, marketing and other related professional.
2. More than two years in large and medium-sized enterprise , such as public relations experience, market work experience or public relations activities experience.
3. Have profound understanding of the establishment and maintenance of corporate culture and the establishment and maintenance of public relations.
4. Have experience in undertaking major events such as celebrations and press conferences.
5. Good writing skills, with strong organizational skills, coordination and resource integration.
6. Agile thinking, good at communication, affinity and strong, good image quality, with good professionalism.
7. Have ability to write meeting planning program and meeting process;
8. Have ability to implement the program of activities, arrange promotion, and coordinate external partners.
9. Strong sense of responsibility, fear of high-intensity work.

Event performer

Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for planning a preparation of budget and quotation with event planner; check the event scene;
2, Responsible for the activities of pre-material preparation and supplier screening;
3, Responsible for the implementation of on-site activities and control and strong resilience;
4, Responsible for the writing of event report ;
5, Responsible for the activities of settlement;

Job Responsibilities:

1, Familiar with the line of activities to implement the process, on-site co-ordination, good management capacity, familiar with the supplier.
2, Have experience in event supervision or production of factory, and have ability to deal with the scene unexpected events.