Fifth Anniversary and Dinner Party of Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Co., Ltd

- Contractor company:Shanghai Autumn Advertising Co., Ltd.
- Number of participants:Hundreds of People
- Activity time:2016-02-19
February19 , 2016, Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Co., Ltd successfully held their Fifth Anniversary and Dinner Party. The invited guests arrived on time and signed-in with the helping of ritual girls. All guests got together to celebrate this special day. Shanghai Autumn Advertising company undertook this event for Hitachi.

Autumn’s professional team organized and completed the whole processes and details, which included in the design of background board, check-in board , stage and layout of the venue......

In addition to the wonderful shows and performances, there were creative interactive games and excited lottery session. With Autumn’s creative event planing, the anniversary ended up in the cheers of the guests.